How To Bet On American Football

In this article we will have a look at the basics of football betting, American football to be exact (soccer is another story entirely). You will learn what odds to play, differences between college/NFL football, and how to find football picks that will actually win.

Shadow of a football over the American flag.

One very practical thing when it comes to betting on American football is that the majority of games tend to concentrate around the weekends – both for college football as well as NFL football.

Compared to other sports betting, where you can place bets almost each and every day, this has a very different feel to it, and having betted a busy MLB baseball season you have to adjust your mindset somewhat as football season begins. Especially beginners may suddenly feel that they aren’t betting regularly enough.

Just keep in mind that it is not how often you bet that matters, it is how much you win!

Along the same lines, you may want to be careful with system plays (progressions) on the same football team. With a full week between games a “hot” team may not be able to keep up their winning steak long enough for you to close your series of bets profitable. Also, unlike baseball for instance, the team will usually face a new opponent in the next game.

For these reasons, pick services offering football system plays may often not follow the same football team for the entire progression.

NFL Or College?

While there are some different rules for NFL and college football, betting on the two is essentially the same.

Keep in mind though that in NCAA college football there is no such thing as a draw, overtime will always continue until there is a winner. When a college game goes into overtime each team is also given equal opportunity to try and score.

As someone who lives outside the US, the almost fanatical nature of the college spectators came as a bit of a surprise for me. As there is some merit to the saying that the audience can sometimes act as an additional “player” for a team, this may be something to account for when betting on college football.

Common Football Bets

With American football betting there are two basic betting lines that are most common; betting the money line and betting on the point spread.

Betting on the money line (ML) simply means that you bet on a team to win outright. If the team wins you win, if the team lose you lose. The odd is determined by which team is deemed to be the favorite and which team is the underdog.

American football tend to feature some pretty strong favorites, that may come with ridiculously low odds like 1.16 (-600 in the American format) or something like that. While this doesn’t guarantee that this particular team will win, there are systems that capitalize on these super low odds (see next section for details).

Point spread (also called “Asian handicap”) is a form of handicapping where the underdog is given a number of goals head start over the favorite team, +11 for example. The stronger team will in turn be given a handicap in the form of negative points, -7 for example. See a short video explanation of the point spread here.

The idea is that, even if the two teams aren’t evenly matched, the bookmaker has created an even playing field. For American football the default spread chosen by the sportsbook is typically designed to be a 50/50 situation, with both teams having an odd of about 1.9 (-110) to cover their spread.

In more advanced sports betting systems you will not always play the default spread offered by your bookie however, but might instead choose to play a slightly different outcome.

More Advanced Football Betting

One way to take advantage of the very low favorite odds in football is to place a parlay bet. This means that you bet on multiple teams to win, ie. both team A and team B will have to win their games for your bet to win. This obviously means that your chance of winning is reduced, but in return you get a much better odd than you would have received by betting on both games separately. A parlay can also involve more than two games.

You need to be careful here however.

Combined with upsets, where favorites surprisingly lose their games, parlays can also be a recipe for disasters. For this reason the parlay is usually not recommended for the sports betting novice.

That said, within Z-Code System there are several experts who really know how to place more advanced football bets like this – generating a steady profit curve in the process. You’ll do wisely to learn from them before trying a parlay yourself. Or if you have Z-Code, just copy them and profit!

Another bet type that is sometimes featured in football betting systems is the over-under, or “totals” bet. Here you are trying to determine whether the total points scored by both teams together will be over or under a certain number.

Like the parlay, playing the totals requires advanced understanding of past statistics, current team status as well as of football in general. Unless you have access to advanced betting systems and tools I recommend you stay away from betting on totals.

How To Actually Win Your Football Bets

There are many “systems” for football betting. Some are more elaborate than others, and some are quite frankly rather weird. For example, I know a guy who has a system where the stadium surface plays a key role in determining the bet.

Then again there are people who bet completely on gut feeling and emotion – like always placing a small bet on their favorite football team for example. If you want to bet on sports beyond the level of entertainment that is not something I can recommend.

Needless to say though, it is not easy to make an educated guess about which team will win any given football game. And betting on the spread doesn’t exactly make things easier.

You will either have to know your stuff, or have access to someone else who really knows his or her stuff.

The sports betting systems reviewed on this site come with very accurate picks for American football. If you want to stand a greater chance of winning your football bets I highly recommend that you check them out.

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