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Odds Worth Betting is a sports picks service provided by James Jones, a professional sports handicapper from Las Vegas. One of his “secrets” is that he has partnered with a former athlete, anonymously referred to as “7”. And the idea is that Jones’ statistical betting skills combined with 7’s experience and contacts from the world of sports will give you superior picks. In this review we will see if they can deliver on this promise and what you can expect from using this system.

Odds worth betting premium picks membership reviewed

How The System Works

From the onset, Odds Worth Betting is clearly a sports betting system aimed at beginners and/or those who simple want to place winning bets – without really getting involved in the more analytical specifics of sports betting.

James usually offers a short explanation for each of his picks, why he recommends the bet he does. But beside knowing how to place basic sports bets with your bookmaker, there is literally no new skills to master here.

When you sign up for this service, you will receive one or more sports picks each and every day. The picks are sent to your email, usually in good time so that you have plenty of time to actually place the bet with your sportsbook.

The picks tells you exactly what game to bet on, which team and what line (money line, spread, over/under etc.) to play. Usually he also gives a recommendation on how much of your bankroll to place on each bet, typically 1 or 2 percent. A typical bet from OWB looks something like this:

Today’s Pick:


2 Unit: Atlanta Braves  -180 (MONEYLINE) 7:10PM EST

Las Vegas is starting to price all these teams very high. I believetthe Braves are a great play here tonight at home. They need to at least go 3-1 vs a terrible Padres team.

The Atlanta Braves have their eyes set on the NL EAST first place.They don’t want to finish atop the wildcard with only a 1 game playoff where instead they could have a best of 5 series if they win the division.This is a must win for them tonight.

Take the Braves and this will be an easy winner!

Good Luck, James Jones

The picks are mostly for the big sports like baseball, basketball, football and hockey, both for professional and college teams. Although there are also occasionally bets for other sports like MMA, as well as college sports and others. These are simply the ones that James feels are the best picks of the day. Every now and then there will also be a day off, when James thinks there are no games worth putting your money on.

To begin with I was a bit sceptical about receiving the picks by email. Because, as we all know, emails can disappear into cyberspace for no good reason. However, I am happy to report that I have never missed an email from Odds Worth Betting.

For a Scandinavian like me it is actually a bigger hassle that many of the games James recommend are played in the middle of the night where I live. Usually all the picks arrive well before bedtime though. Nevertheless, depending on where you live, the time difference can be somewhat of an obstacle when betting on sporting events in the US.

Do These Winning Sports Picks Actually Win?

I don't know who "7" is or if he even exists, but in the end the quality of the sports picks is all that matter.In the video on his website, James shows us how you could theoretically turn 100 dollar to over 200 000 dollars in a short time. Why he uses such a silly sales pitch is hard to understand – he even states in the video that he would never recommend actually betting the way demonstrated in the example!

Giving a few examples of winning streaks that last for a dozen or more games aren’t really that much proof either… because in truth anyone can do that with a bit of luck. And about this “7” character, I actually don’t know if he is for real or not.

But, hyped up sales pitch aside, does Odds Worth Betting actually deliver winning picks? In the end that is all that matters. And In my experience so far the answer is definitely yes!

For the official period I tested this system, for a total of 3 months, the picks managed to win between 65 – 70 percent of the time. Considering that many “professional” handicappers struggle to win half of their games, this is definitely a fairly impressive number. To me that would have been a much more impressive figure to put on their sales letter… [UPDATE: And it seems they listened to me, because now they have! See image below.]

Odds worth betting recent results

Note: the percentage of wins will naturally vary over time. Achieving the same result as in the above image requires that you get the same odds as James in placing the picks. Try to place your bets as quickly as possible after receiving the email, and you might also want to sign up with more than one bookmaker in order to get the best odds.

How Much Money Can You Really Make?

As you know by now, I really don’t like the sales letter/video over at Odds Worth Betting – it simply gives you the wrong idea about what long term sports investing is all about. Sure, you could win lots of cash quickly by re-investing all of you winnings for the next bet. But then again, if you happen to apply this “always double down” mentality during a losing streak – and even James Jones and 7 does have them – you could just as easily lose 25 grand!

But if you stick to a smart money management plan, constantly betting no more than a couple of units on each bet, you will definitely start to grow your bankroll over time.


As long as you don’t treat it as a get rich quick scheme, Odds Worth Betting is definitely a very viable betting system. As it doesn’t involve monitoring stats, using statistical formulas and more it won’t teach you much about the “science” of sports betting. So if you are aiming to do this professionally, you should probably check out a service like Z-Code System as well. The number of picks are also limited to only a handful of games – but since you get enough enough to keep winning long term I am certainly not complaining!

If you are looking for an easy to use sports betting system that can grow your bankroll over time, Odds Worth Betting is definitely worth the money. And now you can try the full service for as low as $7. Please bear in mind though, that one day isn’t really enough to evaluate any sports betting system.

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  • Hypey sales letter
  • Doesn’t really teach you much about sports investing but…


  • ..support is available if you need it
  • Winning bets!
  • Extremely easy to understand and use
  • Reliable delivery of emails

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