How To Bet On Football (Soccer)

Called soccer in the United States and football in the rest of the world, this sport was first professionally organized in 1863 with the formation of England’s Football Association. Since that time football has become the most popular sport in numerous countries across the globe.

Football is a very popular sport for spectators and bettors alike.

Because so many different countries have football teams and there are so many matches, this is the top sport at most online bookies. Here are a few tips to help you bet on football.

Understand common football bets

There are numerous bets you can make on football games, but Match Odds is the most common and the easiest. You simply choose between the home team, the away team or a draw, which means the game ends in a tie.

The Over/Under bet is also common. You must decide whether or not a specific team will go above a certain number of points in a game. In the Total Goals bet, you must choose Over/Under on both teams instead of just one.

With Exact Game Score and Half-Time Score bets, you must predict what a game’s score will be by the end of the game for the former and at half time for the latter. Neither of these is really a wise bet, but if you actually get the scores correct, you should receive a good payout.

Proposition bets are wagers regarding an occurrence during a game. These bets often include predicting which team will score the first goal in a game, which player will score first, how many goals a specific player will make and which team will win the coin toss.

Bet on Asian handicaps

If you are more interested in American team sports, you are probalby familiar with the concept of the “point spread” bet, Asian handicap is essentially the same thing. With Asian handicaps, the bookies give the team less likely to win a little head start, usually expressed in goals or fractions of goals. This helps reduce the chance of a dreaded draw.

Wager on less popular teams

Bookies often underestimate the smaller clubs, preferring to give short odds to popular big teams such as Manchester United. Even when a smaller club goes on a winning streak, they still receive long odds. When betting on football, rely on results rather than popularity.

Consider live in-play betting

Live in-play betting allows you to make a wager during the actual game instead of before the match starts. Quite popular in the UK for football and tennis matches, live betting allows you to place additional or stand-alone bets as the football game progresses.

Many bookmakers offer gamblers exciting betting options that only kick in once the football match begins. For example, you might wish to wager on the next team to score, whether or not a team will score again and whether the match will end with an odd or even number of goals.

Savvy gamblers use live betting offers to cut their losses if they believe that a bet made prior to the match is unlikely to pay off. With the right judgment calls, in-play betting can help you cut your losses.

Decide on your maximum betting budget

Like with all kinds of betting, proper money management is a key factor. Decide how much you are willing to bet and possibly lose. Avoid going over that amount. A good rule of thumb is to spread out your betting budget over multiple games and wagers, instead of putting it all down on one specific outcome. Distributing the risk between several games gives you a better chance of making a profit.

Do your research before placing your bets

Check the history between two football teams before making your wager. Head-to-head records can be an excellent indicator on which team will win a game.

Some teams play better at home, others play better away and still others are powerhouses that play well almost everywhere. Look at the home and away records to decide which team statistics suggest will do better in a specific match.

Check the teams` schedules. Some teams are busier than others and finding out how much they have played and how recently could give you a sign on how tired a team`s players might be.

Always keep up to date with team news relating to injuries, player transfers, suspensions and anything else that could affect a team`s performance. Trade rumors, unhappy players and conflicts between a coach and a player or between two team members might be signs that a team won`t be totally motivated to win.

You can keep up with football news at places such as, which offers football betting fans a free subscription.

Among the professional pick services I know of, Z-Code has several in-house football experts that run systems for you to follow. That is a great way to get started with betting on the biggest sport in the world, even if you don’t that much about it.

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