Betting On Baseball – A Forgotten Bankroll Builder?

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Baseball, “America’s favorite pastime” and a great sports for serious sports betting. If you live in the US the easiest way of placing bets on your favorite team is probably to sign up with an online sportsbook that accepts American clients. In particular I will be focusing on betting on MLB, Major League Baseball, although many of the rules and principles will of course apply to any baseball league.

Big in Japan

Baseball is a big sport in Japan (NPB) and some other Asian countries like South Korea (KBO) as well. Some bookmakers provide lines for these leagues as well. While the game is pretty much the same as in MLB, there are certain technical and cultural elements that are different.

Since I don’t bet NPB personally the baseball section on this site mainly relates to my experiences with betting on MLB.

However, as will become clear in this section of the site, you definitely don’t have to be a fan of baseball in order to profit greatly from betting on it. In fact it may even be better if you are not that keen on any team in particular – as that will prevent you from always betting the “Cards”, or whatever your favorite MLB team is.

For me personally, my favorite sport is soccer. Living in Scandinavia baseball was definitely not native to me when I began following the MLB a few years past. Yet, as a data fanatic, I instantly fell in love with baseball. There’s probably no other sport with so much relevant data and opportunities for complex analysis!

For example, in 2012 Z-code for the first time featured a progression styl totals prediction system that achieved a whopping success rate of 98 percent. The system did very well in 2013 as well. Couple that with the automated systems like Alpha/Delta and KISS, and you have many opportunities to win on handicapping the MLB with very little work involved on your part.

Basic Betting On Baseball Tips To Keep In Mind

I won’t start with detailed advice about baseball betting in this article, that will come in future articles, but let’s at least have a look at some basic information that make baseball special from a betting perspective.

While basketball and soccer are the most popular sports, baseball could be the simplest for beginners once you understand the best way to read the money line.

Money line gaming is the main wagering choice for baseball bettors, which entails betting on the straight-up game result with no thought for a point spread.

The money line is used by oddsmakers so that more money must be risked on the favorite or victor that is anticipated and less cash on the underdog to balance the activity on either side.

Having said that, betting on baseball is also in a way more difficult to bet because the dominant team does not win as frequently as in basketball or professional soccer. Impressive winning/losing streaks are not uncommon, and a team that absolutely sucks in the early stages of the baseball season can eventually end up winning the World Series.

Props compare two players against each other, can focus on one individual player, or be team oriented.
Baseball futures generally include wagering on who’ll in Divisional Winners, and the World Series, National League, American League Pennant.

The chances will update through the season as teams go through standings change and their programs.

A Peculiar Sport

When I first learned about baseball I was blown away buy the sheer number of games MLB teams go through each season. Teams play 162 games to even out the short-term luck factor. In any given baseball game almost anything and everything can happen. After all, it’s just one match, even if the guy on the mound happen to be the super pitcher of the season, and chance is a major variable.

Be weary of betting favorites that are big, baseball is full of chance in the short term and anything can occur in one match, however much of a sure thing the stake may look like.

These are both enormous factors when deciding how a pitcher may throw and have a tremendous influence on the total of the match. For example, Wrigley Field can be a park that is totally distinct when the wind is blowing in versus when it’s blowing out.

Wrigley Field uses a hand operated scoreboard,...

Wrigley Field uses a hand operated scoreboard, but added a video board at the bottom of it in 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the wind is blowing in, the fly balls expire in the outfield and the ball stays in the ballpark. It’s vital that you keep an eye on weather reports and how it may impact the performance of a team.
Baseball is unique in that the ballpark of a team can dramatically affect how many runs are scored in a match.

Do not Miss Out

If you search the internet about baseball betting you will certainly come across many voices that declare it a completely futile endeavor. You can’t possibly predict the outcome of a game and beat the bookies, you might as well go for one of those “letter’s from Nigerian banker” spam you get in your email, says the naysayer.

I don’t know how many sports bettors pass on baseball for basketball and football wagering for similar reasons.

In any case that does not prevent me from taking the cash, although I believe a crying shame that you do so, the remainder of you can wait till football! There’s no doubt in my head that over the years I’ve made some of my most impressive profits betting the MLB. And I hope that some of the tips I will share in this free baseball guide (this is just the first post in what I hope will become a longer series) will help you achieve the same.

As powerful and almighty as you may think “Vegas” is, go ask the real professionals at an international sportsbook or any local bookie in Vegas and many of them may openly admit that they hate baseball! Because, despite what you may thing, sharp players do beat them up each and every year, yet people at large continue to shy away from this moneymaking sport with so many options and opportunities to improve a bankroll.

I hope you are smarter than that.


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