About This Site

The goal of this site is simple; to show you the best online sports betting sites and systems available. On this site you will find reviews of some of the most popular systems currently available, along with my recommendation on which you should use and why. Over time I also plan to add more information and sports betting tips in general.

All recommendations on this site are genuine and based on sound facts, research and experience. That said, I can naturally make no guarantees of how well you will succeed with any of these betting systems. That is simply out of my control. I do have a disclaimer page saying the same in legalese, but since nobody ever read those pages I wanted to point that out here as well.

Still, if you follow some of the advice and systems recommended here, it is my sincere belief that you will generate positive results over time.

About Me

My name is Mikael Berglund. I am a journalist, online entrepreneur, football (soccer) enthusiast and I live in Scandinavia. English is a second language for me, so please excuse me if my grammar or spelling isn’t always perfect.

I got interested in sports betting systems a couple of years ago, through I site that provided an arbitrage betting system. Although the “win 100% of your bets” strategy presented made all my this-is-too-good-to-bee-true-I-smell-a-scam-here bells ring, I was intrigued enough to investigate further.

Solid and continuous return on investment with relatively little effort involved, AND a genuinely tax free income stream – what’s not to like, I thought?!

That particular system was rather poorly explained and not very easy to use, as it turned out. But it did show that the basic betting strategy in question was actually a solid one, although it definitely isn’t for everyone.

Although I have never really been in to betting on sports for fun, my research made me also stumble upon sports betting systems that are easier to use (than arbitrage betting) and that focus more on the “traditional” style of sports betting. That is you either win or lose the bet and the system you use is in place to make sure you win more than you lose.

Learning this type of betting has been fascinating to say the least. And although I would never call myself an expert handicapper, it seems that my emotional detachment from sports leagues like MLB and NBA has allowed me to learn the ropes relatively quickly.

So the other day it occurred to me; why not create a small website about this topic? Because I bet (no pun intended) there must be a lot of you out there who – just like I did – wonder if it is really possible to bet on sport and win consistently. And if so, how that can be accomplished. My goal is to make this site a place where that will actually give you realistic expectations of what to expect from good sports betting systems.

I sincerely hope that this site will help point you in the right direction and that it will help you become successful with sports betting.

Nuff said, lets boogie.

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