Have you tried betting on sports… only to arrive at the conclusion that in the end the bookies are the only ones who are winning? Maybe you have even dabbled with some system for sports betting without seeing any of the profits you had hoped for? Here at sports betting system review I will reveal to you the systems and strategies that actually work.

Not only in theory. But for real – actually allowing you to outsmart your sportsbook!

Why I Don’t Gamble

My name is Mikael, and personally I got interested in sports betting a little over a year ago. I stumbled over a website that actually used the term “sports investing”, rather than betting.

I thought that was a bit strange, since I had always associated sports betting with gambling, rather than investing. In fact, I even suspected it being some kind of scam – investing being an activity where you have good reasons to expect your efforts to eventually pay off… while gambling means putting it all on red, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

And here’s the thing.

Most people who bet on sports are definitely gamblers, who typically end up losing more than they win. And what’s worse, even many of those who use some kind of sports betting system, perhaps even follow professional handicappers often end up using it in a way that isn’t profitable.

I should know – I have probably made most of the mistakes sports betting newbies tend to make. Luckily not with higher stakes than I could afford to lose. Today I like to look back on it all as a valuable learning process.

If you follow what I’m about to show you, you can bypass that learning process and jump straight into the profits.

The Types Of Sports Betting Systems That Work

All you need to do to become a successful “capper” is a good, reliable system AND the discipline to strictly adhere to that system.

A profitable sports betting strategy will generally speaking fall into one of two categories:

1) Traditional betting – you use good information, statistics and tools to consistently place winning bets on various sports and teams. You lose some bets, but your long term profit curve keeps going up.

2) Arbitrage betting – you use two bookies to place bets on both outcomes of a game. Since the sportsbooks provide different odds for the same game you are guaranteed a certain profit no matter which team wins. The trick is to detect and take advantage of these arbs when they happen – because sometimes they exist only for a few minutes.

Both systems are valid strategies and which one you choose is entirely up to you. If you have the funds and want to do both, that is of course entirely possible! However, particularly if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you start out with sports betting in the order I have listed the proven systems below.

Now for the parts you’re here for – the actual sports betting systems

I will have a separate, in-depth review of each system on its own page. But for those of you in a hurry – here is my current top recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Odds Worth Betting

Odds worth betting offers premium picks that are easy to use

If you aren’t that interested in actual statistics and learning the ins and outs of advanced betting systems yourself, James Jones’ and his partner in crime, called “7”, sports picks are just for you. Simply place the bets they tell you on a daily basis and you will profit. I hate to resort to clichés, but this system is a real no brainer to use. They offer several plans for trying the system out, starting from a $7 one day trial (just skip the initial “enter your email” offer).

Click Here to test Odds Worth Betting

Recommendation 2: Zcode System

This is an advanced sports betting system that has been in use since the turn of the century. If you follow their main system you will be profitable long term – just have a look at some of the graphs on their website. Since they do football, baseball, hockey and basketball (and even more) there are picks all year around.

Z-code System offers automated winning picks and predictions

And if you want to take things a step further, they offer several bonus systems by some of the most talented handicappers in the business. And they continually develop ALL their systems with new strategies and tools. Zcode is quite literally a bottomless pit of sports betting profits IF you are prepared to put a little bit of effort in to understanding how to properly apply the systems.

When you want the ultimate in sports betting strategies advanced system plays and more – along with a community of like minded individuals working towards a common goal – Zcode is definitely for you.

Click here to visit the official site of Zcode

Recommendation 3: RebelBetting

In the world of arbitrage betting, having quick access to accurate live odds from several sportsbooks will make or break your efforts. Rebel Betting excels in providing this crucial data for a very reasonable fee. Everything is integrated in a piece of software that is easy to use and even places the correct bets for you with only a few mouse clicks. As speed is of the essence in arbitrage betting this is a very helpful feature – one that many competing companies charge you extra for.

Rebel betting company logo

In addition, Rebel Betting also offers one of the best and straightforward guides on how to bet arbs and their dedication to what they are doing and customer support are absolutely superb.

Click here to get a free trial of the RebelBetting software

Bet with confidence

I recommend the three betting systems above because I use them personally. I know that, applied correctly, they are reliable, most accurate and do exactly what they say they will.

All three services also offer a full money back guarantee, so you can test drive them fully entirely risk free. All systems can also be tested and their accuracy verified by placing as small bets as you like – so no big risk there either. You could even bet with “paper money” until you feel confident in placing some real bets.

However, I don’t want you to sign up for one of these systems expecting to get rich over night. Read my article on sports betting for beginners first, sign up for my free email course and if you still think this is for you, you can THEN get started with one of the free or low cost trials for one of the recommended services.


If you’ve always dreamed of beating the bookmakers at their own game, you know you owe it to yourself to give one of these sports betting systems a try.

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